Sally Kift, who was first in her family to go to university, has been a trusted and visible presence in Australian higher education for over 30 years. She has worked in academic roles from lecturer to Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Academic (DVCA), and she has negotiated high level outcomes for her discipline, as a Law Discipline Scholar, for students-in-transition, through her seminal development of Transition Pedagogy, and for the tertiary sector, as lead DVCA negotiator on the landmark agreement between Universities Australia and Professions Australia for a Joint Statement of Principles for Professional Accreditation.

Sally has delivered almost 150 keynotes, and more than 250 other invited presentations and workshops, on topics of contemporary national and international relevance to higher education. She is an acclaimed educator, a national Teaching Award winner, a national Program Award winner, an Australian Senior Teaching Fellow, and a cogent advocate for social inclusion and student success. In 2017, Sally receive a Career Achievement Award from the federal Minister for Education for her sustained contribution to Australian higher education.

Sally brings to her consultancy practice authenticity, credibility, deep sector knowledge and networks, thought leadership, and keen insight into what works for the contemporary student experience. Her value-add as a strategist and change agent, by virtue of her extensive pedagogical research and scholarship, has led to tangible, whole-of-institution, enhancements, in which students are placed at the heart of the institution’s educational ecosystem.